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Maryse Glazier, BA, PCC


Maryse Glazier, BA, PCC

Certified life coach

Maryse Glazier has a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in psychology and communication from the Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia. Maryse has over 10 years experience working in various fields from being a Probation Officer to being a Victim Services Agent at the Minister of Public Safety of New-Brunswick. Maryse currently represents injured workers who are denied WorkSafe benefits at the Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal as a workers advocate for PETL. Wanting to further her ability to help people through difficult situations, Maryse obtained her Life Coach Certification with the International Coaching Federation to coach individuals through a co-creative process between coach and client.  Her role is to support her client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance and encouragement. Her aim is to increase performance, achievement and wellbeing.

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