HEAL Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy & Learning

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Dahlia Dempsey, Equine Assisted Support   


Dahlia is all horses, she sleeps, dreams, and breathes horses. Presently studying to be a photographer at New Brunswick College of Crafts & Designs, to eventually take pictures of... guess what?! Horses, animals, and people. You will mostly see her during the summer or on weekends working the horses, spending quality time with them, and assisting the therapy process by keeping everyone as safe as they can be. Dahlia has been around horses since she was 7 years old and there is nothing that she loves more than to share her love for them with you! Dahlia aspires to do her Western Levels during the summer of 2022

Isabelle Aubé, Equine Assisted Support

Isabelle is one of the familiar faces that you will see during the therapy process or programs. A lover of all things horses, Isabelle has been horseback riding since she was a young girl. She loves everything about barn life and is thrilled to teach our clients about the horses and making sure everyone is safe, including the horses! Isabelle is very familiar with supporting children and families with their needs and this works speaks immensely to her. She is presently studying to do her Certifications for all her Western levels.