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Alex-Anne Lamoureux, BA


Alex-Anne Lamoureux, BA

Doctorate in psychology student (Psy.D.)

   Alex-Anne Lamoureux holds an Honours B.A. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She is currently completing her doctorate in psychology at the Université de Moncton. She provides psychological assessment, intervention and support services to children, adolescents and adults both in English and in French under the supervision of licensed psychologists. 

  During her studies, Alex-Anne has gained experience with the Restigouche Hospital Center in child psychiatry, the Child and Youth team in Campbellton, as well as with the Mind at Peace Center since May 2021. She has experience with various problematics such as anxiety, developmental trauma, emotional regulation, bereavement/grief, parenting, etc. She conducts assessments related to the screening of learning disabilities and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

  Alex-Anne also strives at providing care for the LGBTQ2S+A population by providing psychological support and assessment, required for hormonal treatments and gender confirmation surgeries under the supervision of Eve Arseneau, psychologist.

  Alex-Anne's therapeutic approach focuses on clients’ individual needs, drawing from evidence-based frameworks, in a collaborative manner. She warmly welcomes all her clients with compassion, kindness and an active listening. 

    Alex-Anne's doctoral research focuses on social anxiety (specifically, fear of public speaking) and telepsychotherapies based on writing and self-compassion. 

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